These photos were taken the end of August 2010 to mid-March 2011

This time we are including some old photos.  Grandpa has been scanning prints, slides, and negatives to put on our digital frame, and we are sharing just a few with you here.

Suzy 1968                                                                                                                                  Eric 1968

Eric 1977 (photo taken by Suzy -- this one was later published in a book)

Judy, Suzy, and Anne (Judy's mother), 1985

Suzy October 1964

Eric 1979

Maurice, Judy's father                                                                                                                                            Anne & Judy ~1948

Larry's father and mother, Dave and Magda, 1953

Larry (Grandpa), Suzy, Judy (Grammy), and Eric, 1979

Suzy August 1998 (the twins were born in early September 1998)                   Zak and Mundo 2003

Eric & Suzy 1967

Suzy holds Cassidy December 1994

Suzy 1984

Eric 1984

Suzy, Bonnie, Sharon, Judy, Eric, Anne at Thanksgiving 1984

Larry on motorcycle trip to Florida Keys 1992

Grammy and Johanna at Corbel 1998

Larry after clearing driveway winter 1986-87                                                                                                Eric 1980

Larry Suzy Eric Judy, Greetings 1984

Eric & Suzy 1979

Julia Esther and Patti, Mundo's mother and sister, 1998

Cassidy rides on Natasha's soulders December 1994

Bob & Judy around 1984

Debby, charter member of the S.A. Bridge Club, 1983

...and now back to the recent past and present...

Zak dunks one in August 2010

Sofi, Zak, and Zak's friend, Justin

Sofi is pretty good -- she beats Grandpa at free throws all the time.

Francisco and Zak after a movie

Sofi, Zak, and Francisco on a walk

Francisco and Zak at the Piner Cafe

Sofi and Grandpa at the Piner Cafe

Grammy and Sofi bake cookies

Zak, Sofi, Mundo, Suzy, Grammy, and Grandpa at the opening of our local In-N-Out Burger dining establishment.  All the food was free!

Sofi and Zak in their Halloween costumes.  If you don't think Penguins can be scary, try watching the Penguins of Madagascar.

Nicole and Sofi

Who says California doesn't get fall colors?

In November Grandpa took Cassidy down to southern California to look at colleges.  Here he is at UCLA.

Here is Cassidy in beautiful downtown LaJolla

Here he is at the University of San Diego library

At Christmas we took turns being Santa.  Cassidy wore Santa's every-day hat.

Eric told us about a fish he had caught.

We went to a robot exhibit.

Zak, Cassidy, and Franciso, after seeing "I am Number Four"

Suzy, Mundo, Eric, Zak, Francisco, Cassidy, Sofi, and Isabelle having dinner at Coco's

Grammy and Chato

We celebrated Isabelle's birthday in Berkeley.

We celebrated Francisco and Cassidy's birthdays with a traditional balloon-hat ceremony.  Francisco took the role of the grand intestine while Zak played the impatient dental patient.

It was fun and practical - we got great local TV reception.

Although the cake was from a supermarket (because Judy was away at the time), Sofi and Isabelle did a fantastic job of dressing it up.

We had a birthday lunch followed by the cake.

Nicole, Sofi, Zak, and Justin after a pizza dinner here.

Finally, some great news!  Grandpa has been chosen for the starring role in the upcoming remake of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  It was only logical.

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