These photos were taken in the last four months or so, up to about 03-15-07.

Zak and Sofi are in high spirits when school is over.

Grammy helps with homework.

We had the entire family here over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Here are Francisco, Cassidy, Isabelle, and Eric.

Cassidy and Sandra play SuDoku.

Isabelle, Cassidy, Grammy, Eric, Francisco, Grandpa, and Sandra.

Isabelle and Cassidy have a special relationship.

Francisco has a special relationship with computers.

Zak offers pointers on how to play basketball, then sinks a basket.

Grandpa served as Santa at the annual Twins' party, with Zak as Santa's helper.  Grandpa enjoys this annual gig.

Zak and Sofi at Wendy's for hamburgers.

Isabelle, Eric, Francisco, and Cassidy decorate their Christmas tree.  Cassidy entertains it.

Christmas Day.  Eric and Sandra open a present.

Isabelle and Grandpa take a "nap" on the floor.

Francisco watches as Zak opens a present.

Sofi and Suzy

Sofi, Zak, and Francisco each got a digital camera this year from Grandpa.  Cassidy got one two years earlier.

Mundo celebrates with champagne.

Cassidy checks out one of Isabelle's presents.  Click here to see the famous video, "Christmas Gorilla."

Zak, Francisco, Cassidy, Grammy, and Isabelle at a post-Christmas breakfast.

Cassidy tries out Grandpa's motorcycle.

Sofi and Zak got new in-line skates for Christmas.  See the skating video.

Our friend Bonnie came for a visit in February.

They went to San Diego for their annual Bridge tournament.  Here are Jeff, Debbie, Jeanne, and Judy, playing in the rigorous competition.

Sofi, Grammy, Cassidy, Francisco, Zak, and Suzy at King Buffet.  Cassidy and Francisco were visiting for the weekend.

Cassidy, Zak, Francisco, and Sofi celebrating Cassidy and Francisco's birthday party.

Eric, Cassidy, and Sandra play a game.

Isabelle made bubbles.

On February 18 Cassidy officially became a teenager.

Cassidy, Grammy, and Isabelle sang "If You're Happy And You Know It..." See Isabelle sit on Cassidy.

Francisco likes his leather jacket.

Zak and Sofi at the nectarine tree in our back yard.

The nectarine tree, showing off, and a strange pink flower.  We are enjoying an early spring.

Cassidy and Isabelle in Berkeley.  This photo and the remaining pictures were taken by Judy.

Chai, Sandra's cat, after adjusting to her new home in Berkeley.  Isabelle with rings.

Eric reads to Isabelle.

Isabelle relaxes with Eric.

Sandra and Isabelle at the neighborhood park.

Francisco and Zoe at the computer.

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