These photos were taken in the last three months or so, up to about 05/01/06.

This is Cassidy at his 12th birthday party, looking cool in his leather jacket.

Cassidy with his Easter basket.  He's a good egg finder.

Cassidy is doing a good job as a big brother.  Isabelle thinks he's funny.

Isabelle thinks Poppa is funny too...

...especially when he animates a puppet for her.

Isabelle visits us in Santa Rosa from time to time.  Here she is enjoying Grammy's Chicken & Rice Creole.

Early in this period from February to May Isabelle was crawling.

Then she learned to stand on her own.

Now she's walking. See the video.

She's still our little sweetie...

...but she can be stubborn too.  When she's offered a food she thinks she doesn't like, nothing will persuade her to try it.

Paco is also a nice big brother.

Paco goes to soccer practice.

Here's that big smile.

Grandpa took Sofi, Paco, and Zak to Pet Smart on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  The kids enjoyed watching little critters run around in wheels.

Paco, Zak, and Suzy at the Black Bear Diner.

Paco making a big bubble.

Zak making a big bubble.

Zak feeds his cousin, Isabelle, as Sofi watches.

Sofi really enjoys feeding and playing with Isabelle.

So does Suzy.  Here they are sharing cheese.

Zak's class did a play about goats.

His class visited the downtown public library.

Zak has become a good reader.

Give him a kit, designed for whatever age, and he will put it together without any adult help.

Grandpa joined Zak, Sofi, and Suzy at Scandia, a small local amusement park.  Zak wanted to activate his water blaster, but it was a cool day and Grandpa declined.

Sofi could have blasted Grandpa, but restrained herself.

Sofi's class also visited the downtown public library.  Here she is in the stacks.

Sofi and her friend, Molly, read for entertainment.

Sofi, Grammy, and Molly making cookies.

Sofi's class also visited the Humane Society.  Sofi thinks she may want to become a veterinarian.

Here she is with her little rabbit, Sparky.

Sofi goes to ballet class.

Kendall, Whitney, and Sofi mug with Sparky.

We all got together over Easter weekend:  Grammy, Cassidy, Sandra, Paco, Eric, and Isabelle.

Zak, Sofi, Edmundo, and Suzy joined us for Easter Brunch, searching for (and then re-hiding) Easter Eggs, and bubble-making.

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