These photos were taken in the last three months or so, up to about 06-27-08. 

Sofi and Zak play basketball.  Zak uses his powers of levitation.

We all got together for Easter Sunday.  Among the eggs you may spy a popper.  Confetti all over the lawn.

We took pictures of each other.

Sofi with Momma and Poppa

Sofi helps Isabelle with bubbles.  Notice the Giant Economy Size bottle of bubble stuff.

Cassidy - his voice is dropping.

Mundo and Suzy


Sofi made an Easter Egg sticking out its tongue.

Zak has mastered the crayon mustache trick...

...but can he match Grandpa's famous soda-straw-wrapper-mustache ploy?  Late update -- he can!

Sunday morning cartoons.

John and Anya came for a visit. Larry and John talked about digital cameras and cars.   The old Subaru is still going.

Sofi's class project was to construct a model of the Sonoma Mission.

Sofi made a Lego car.                                                     Cassidy and Isabelle like to share the big chair.

Cassidy was in a school production of Beowulf.  Here are Sandra and Isabelle during an intermission.

There's Cassidy -- a comic-relief soldier.

Grammy's birthday.  She has reached the age of wisdom, says Grandpa.

Zak, trying not to smile -- but Grandpa has his ways.

Cassidy at the annual Natasha memorial picnic.

Eric reads to Isabelle.

Eric playing the fiddle with his Blue-Grass band.

Sandra is equally musical.

Grammy with pink hair.

Isabelle, Sofi, and Suzy.  It was a sunny cool day.

Mundo enjoying a cheeseburger.

Sandra and Isabelle.

Isabelle loves Chai.

Isabelle scares Cassidy.

Sof and her friend, Marissa, show off the head bands they made.

Sofi drew this self portrait.

Sofi and her friend, Molly, at a skating lesson.

Suzy and Zak at the Warm Puppy Cafe, a part of Snoopy's Home Ice.  This is the ice arena that cartoonist Charles Schulz gave to the City of Santa Rosa.

Sometimes Grandpa takes Zak and Sofi to his favorite diner, the Piner Cafe, for lunch, and sometimes...

...Zak and Sofi  make dinner for Grandpa.

It was a warm spring.  Sofi and Zak have done a lot of swimming -- but the water was cold enough to present a challenge.

Nicole, Sofi, and their friend, Maddie, rehearsing for a school talent show.

Bonnie came for a visit.  Here are Bonnie and Judy at Carrows.

In May Judy and Bonnie went to San Diego for the annual SA Bridge Reunion.

Isabelle's pigtails.

Sofi and Nicole in their performance outfits.                               Here they are doing their show, a Hannah Montana number.

Francisco and Zak watching a scary episode of Goosebumps.  This was Memorial Day weekend.

Cassidy likes to read.                                                                            Grammy in the back yard.

Isabelle with her 1,000-watt smile and....                                                 ...talking about her options in Hide and Seek.

Eric sat in the back yard for a long time.  It was a nice day.

Sandra in the back yard.

Francisco, Zak, Sofi, and Isabelle play in the living room.

Sofi did "cat's cradle" while Isabelle sang Karaoke.

There is a new hamburger place in Windsor with very politically-incorrect burgers and french fries made from fresh potatoes AS THEY ARE NEEDED!.  Go there only if you are very hungry.

Bob and Sandi came for a visit.  Bob provided the next 19 photos through expert use of his Fuji digital camera.

We can't figure this one out.  Maybe the pixels mutated.

Actually, Mundo took this one, using Bob's camera.  We were at the Downtown Grill in Windsor.

We can't figure this one out either.

Grammy and Grandpa celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  See the Video.

Suzy is carrying a bag of potting soil, part of a gift from Sandra and Eric.  The rest of it was a big planter which Grandpa calls "the cannibal pot."

Sandi and Judy were on Florence Avenue in Sebastopol.  What follows is what makes Florence Avenue famous.

From Bob's camera, taken by Sandi.

Suzy at a winery in Healdsburg.

Grandpa came to the Piner Cafe on his bike.  Here endeth the pictures from Bob.  A big round of applause.

Larry's motorcycling buddy, Dave, came to California.  He and Larry toured the coast for a few days.

Dave on the coast near Monterey.


Harbor seals in Monterey

Grandpa couldn't resist this 'still life.'

Larry turned his hat around in order to avoid inadvertently closing the flash on his camera, but then he found himself strangely drawn in to a new persona.

One of the great bridges on California Route 1.

The interface of land, air and water.

You are liable to see almost any kind of animal on a California ranch -- horses, cows, goats, sheep, camels, ostriches, llamas, and zebras.

Dave at the Golden Gate bridge.

A foggy morning at Fort Ross.

Later in the day the fog cleared.

Fort Bragg

Larry dropped Dave at his airport hotel in Oakland.

Zak and Sofi were in a performance of their summer drama camp.  Here Zak is Barbossa, a 'fence' in The Thief Lord.

He was also a monkey in Horton Hears a Who, based on the musical version (Seussical).

Sofi was 'Pepper' in Annie.

Sofi was also a Noolian, an inhabitant of the Jungle of Nool in Horton Hears a Who.  Here she is in her Noolian costume, singing in the end-of-show number, "Happiness Is," from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown."

We enjoyed a day at the Suzy's pool.

Cassidy and Francisco

Sofi shows the brownies she made in her summer cooking course at Santa Rosa Junior College.

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