These photos were taken in the last three months or so, up to about 08/14/06.

We had Cassidy with us for a week in July.  Here he is visiting Canine Companions.

Cassidy enjoyed swimming with Sofi and Zak.

We took Cassidy to San Francisco for lunch via the Larkspur ferry.

Grandpa taught Cassidy how to use a straw and wads of paper as a pea shooter.  Pigeons beware!

In early August we had Isabelle with us for a few days.  Her expressions are priceless.

Isabelle was delivered to us by Sandra, who also had Isabelle for a few days.

We took Isabelle for a ride on a little train at Howarth Park.  She maintained a serious demeanor throughout the ride.

Isabelle loves birds so we took her to the Forty-Niner Pet Shop in Rohnert Park.

Can you imagine a sweeter smile?

Isabelle at IHOP.  She likes going out for dinner.

Sofi and Zak are fond of Isabelle.

In August we conducted  the Second Annual Camp Hudson, a week-long series of activities for our three middle grandchildren, Zak, Sofi, and Paco (as shown above).  We started with a trip to Sacramento to go rafting.  After several hours of travelling (including a train trip in which we found ourselves on the wrong train!!!), we arrived at our motel.  The kids jumped from bed to bed for a while burning off excess energy.
 See the bouncing video. 

the next day we went rafting on the American River about 30 miles east of  Sacramento.  This is not our raft, but shows a typical configuration.

Sofi and Zak in the raft.

I couldn't take a lot of pictures in the raft because when we went through the rapids I had to put my camera away in a plastic bag.  So this was the best picture I could get of Paco.  I did, however, get some videos.  See the rafting video.  (About 2 megabytes)

When we returned from Sacramento we stopped at the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield.

"The Ant Bully" is one of three films we saw during Camp Hudson.  The others were "Zoom" and "Barnyard: The Original Party Animals."

Grammy chasing Paco in bumper boat -- notice water gun in action.

Zak and Grammy in bumper boats at Scandia.
See the Bumper Boat Video.  (About 700 kilobytes)

Sofi and Grammy at orthodontist's office, following which...

...we went to Pizza Hut.

Earlier this summer Sofi went to "Horse Camp," a daily activity centered on learning how to take care of horses.  Her favorite was Midnight.  During Camp Hudson we spent an afternoon at Howarth Park, where Midnight is employed in a horse-riding concession.  From the horse's reaction, it appears he remembers Sofi.

Howarth Park has a new water park area.  Jets of water arise from holes in the pavement.  Kids love it.

Sofi cavorts in the water.

Sofi climbed to the top of the spider web in pants that were put on over her wet bathing suit.

Zak made it to the top of the spider web for the first time.

Paco enjoyed the web too.

Remember the pie fight scene in "The Great Race," a 1965 film with Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Jack Lemmon, Peter Falk, Keenan Wynn, Dorothy Provine, and Arthur O'Connell?  The kids saw it on DVD one evening at Camp Hudson and said they wished they could be in a pie fight like that someday.  We said, "Why not during Camp Hudson?"
See the Pie Fight video. 

Sofi's first motorcycle ride.

Zak's first motorcycle ride.

Paco's first motorcycle ride.  All three kids enjoyed the rides.

And so ended Camp Hudson 2006.

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