These photos were taken in the last five months or so, from April 2010 to the end of August 2010

We all got together for Easter.  The kids hunted for Easter Eggs.

Chocolate eggs are the best kind.

The kids made the grownups look for eggs too.

Dinner at the Black Bear Diner.  Nicole, Zak, Sofi.

Zak and his Lego Robotics creation at school.

Driving at Scandia.  Nicole (top), Sofi and Suzy.

A visit to Pioneer Park.  Sofi, Isabelle, Grammy.

A trip to the coast

Sandra, Eric, Isabelle, Grammy, Zak, and Francisco, sporting cookie dusters

Dinner at the Piner Cafe with stretchy mozarella

In June Larry and his friend Dave visited their old haunt, Key West.  Beer was consumed.  Dave and Larry went parasailing!

Amber (Sofi's friend), Sofi, Francisco, and Zak at the Downtown Grill in Windsor

Zak, Isabelle, Sofi, and Nicole, at the Stadium 12 movie theater in Santa Rosa

Sofi and Nicole (top photo) and Aaron (Zak's friend) and Zak at Mel's Diner in San Francisco, after we visited The  Exploratorium.

Isabelle stayed with us for about 10 days in June. 

Grammy and Grandpa, taken by Isabelle.

Grammy, Isabelle, Lucy, and Grandpa, taken by Grandpa's long arm and a wide-angle lens.

Sofi and Isabelle are more like sisters than cousins.

At Traintown in Sonoma

At Screamin' Mimi's in Sebastapol

At the big pet store in Rohnert Park, one of Isabelle's favorite places

Zak and Francisco fighting a laser battle

Cassidy at home

Grandpa showing veggies from our garden.  Photo by Isabelle.

Mundo and Suzy can try, but Chato does tricks for Sofi and Isabelle.

Zak, Grandpa, Sofi, Grammy outside Red Lobster in Rohnert Park

A visit to Berkeley

A visit to the Suzy's pool followed by a barbecue

And now....Camp Hudson 2010

We began by picking up Francisco in Berkeley.

After our dinner at Claim Jumper in Concord we went to a drive-in movie!

The Champions of Driven Raceway in Rohnert Park.  The karts are electric and very fast.

We did the traditional watermelon whacking, but this year for the first time, no pie fight.  Grandpa was a little sad.

Ridgeway Pool.

We flew to Minneapolis.

We stayed at the Raddison.  This hotel has the largest indoor water park in the U.S.

We all went body surfiing, even Grandpa!

We spent all day at the pool.  They have a ten-story-high, one mile-long, raft ride.  We all went on it.  The screaming was intense!  The kids made noise too.

Then we drove to Kasota, Minnesota, home of Drive A Tank.
See a video of our adventure.

Zak, Nicole, Sofi, and Francisco relive the glory days of the Rat Patrol.  See the movie and the TV show.

Zak in front of an FV432, an armored British troop carrier of the 1960's.  We all rode in it.  Later Grandpa drove it
as well as an Abbot).

Zak in front of the Challenger, a British tank of the 1960's.  Similar to the U.S. Patton tank.

Zak driving an Abbot tank, with Sofi in the gunner's seat and Grandpa in the commander's seat.  Grandpa drove this
tank earlier.  The Abbot is a self-propelled artillery vehicle with a 105mm main gun.  It is similar in weight to the
U.S. Sherman of World War II.  Steering is bulldozer style, with levers that apply brakes on one side or the other.  It
takes a bit of strength.

While the others were getting the heft of the armaments, Sofi made friends with Sherman, a very nice dog.

The Dirty One-Third Dozen

Nicole, Sofi and Francisco drove a utility vehicle that looks like a golf cart.

We all fired automatic weapons.  Grandpa, a Mac 10, Sofi, Nicole, Francisco and Zak, an Uzi, and then Zak fired an M19!

Dinner afterward.  Possibly the best bacon cheeseburger in the world.

A dragonfly outside the laundromat where we washed our clothes.

Then we went to The Mall of America.  This place is soooooo big!

Relaxing after our day at The Mall of America, waiting for our shuttle.

Nicole and Sofi got animal-shaped backpacks.  Grandpa thinks theyshould be called stuff-a-pet.  But they are actually
called something like Pillow Pet.

A trip to the Oakland Zoo

The flamingoes are always showing off.  So are the pink birds in the photo immediately above.

Camp Hudson ended with a bike ride.

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