These photos were taken in the four months preceding 10/02/05.

Zak and Sofi acted in two plays, "Jack and the Beanstalk," and "Alice in Wonderland.  In "Alice" Sofi was the Cheshire cat and Zak was the cook.

In July Grammy and Grandpa took Paco to southern California for a visit to Universal Studios.  Cindy, Evan, and Amy joined us.

There are many ways to get wet at Universal Studios, and Grandpa thinks we found all of them.

We were introduced to various large creatures...

and small ones.  After Universal Studios we visited the Transportation Museum at Griffiths Park.

Paco likes trains.

Paco and Grammy at the pool at the motel.  An unidentified flying object made a cannonball splash.

We visited Rosemary.  Here are Amy, Cindy, Rosemary, and Grammy at Rosemary's pool.

We went to a museum of paleontology.

On a warm day in southern California, a cold iced tea feels great.

So does jello and parfait.

Paco and Amy at Rosemary's house.

When we returned to Santa Rosa, we had the three six-year-olds with us for a week.  We called it "Camp Hudson."

Camp Hudson included outings to various sites including the Black Bear Diner, a lake with electric boats, the cinema...

...the Sonoma County Fair...

...and Toys 'R' Us.

Sofi, Paco, and Zak went to a birthday party of Zak's friend, Jonathan.  Here are Lilly, Sofi, Kendall, Whitney, Zak, and Jonathan at the Suzy's pool.

Cassidy has a special relationship with his little sister, Isabelle...

...and she with him.

In August Grammy and Grandpa took Cassidy to southern California for a visit to Universal Studios.

Cassidy showed Evan how to levitate over water.  At one point Cassidy wandered off with a group of sailors.  When Grammy and Grandpa caught up with him he was getting a tattoo.

Here is Cassidy attacking a waffle at Wolgang Puck's restaurant, while Marylin, adorned with a pizza, looks on.  Later Cassidy and a shark had a bite together.  Then there was a report of an Elvis sighting, but it turned out to be just a big guitar floating past the Hard Rock Cafe..

Cassidy found one of the water parks and got thoroughly wet.  We think he enjoyed it.

Cassidy and Evan visited the Planes of Fame air museum in Chino, one of Grandpa's favorite places.  Above a Republic P-47 and a Sherman M1 tank.

Evan, Amy, and Cassidy, with ice cream.

Upon his return, Cassidy demonstrated his new Instant Cloning ability to Zak.

For Zak's birthday party:  Kendall, Makenzie, Sofi, Whitney, Cassidy, Paco, Zak, Jonathan, and Joshua.

Isabelle got lots of attention.

Zak had a good time.

Grandpa took the boys to the "Spirit Store," a vendor of Halloween mysteries.

A week later Sofi had her birthday party.  It began at the pool.

Here is Zak with Poppa at the pool.

Whitney, Sofi, and Kendall.  The kids decorated their own birthday cupcakes.

Irene, Whitney, Kendall, Sofi, Molly, and Lilly.

The Pinata had tinsel in it.  Fortunately, the house is equipped with an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.

Zak entertained by scaring the girls with his ghost costume.

And now, the Isabelle update.

Grandpa calls this "the Pixie look."

Just checking to make sure all the toes are clean.

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