These photos were taken in the last three months or so, up to about 11/14/06.

                                    Sofi got braces.                                                                      Zak learned Karate.

We went to the Sonoma County Air Show.  This is Grandpa's favorite B-25.

Zak likes big guns.  So does Grandpa.

Zak showed Paco his computer during a weekend visit.

Sofi got this white dress for her birthday.                                                            It was a warm day.  The kids used the pool.

Here are the kids at Sofi's birthday party.

Sofi got cake on her face -- it is a tradition.

Suzy, Sofi, Edmundo, and Zak posed for a family photo after the birthday party.

Sofi did something funny.  See the video. 

Zak was highly amused at something while having dinner at Coco's.

Our little pixie, Isabelle, gets cuter every day.  These and other photos from Berkeley were taken by Grammy.

Isabelle and Eric

Zak created this Bionicle from spare parts.  Beat that, Doctor Frankenstein!

Cassidy, Paco, and Zak at Sandra's party.

Zak's birthday party was held at a local kid's gymnasium.  Here is His Royal Birthdayness surrounded by his subjects.

Whitney, Sofi, and Kendall doing their rabbit impersonations.  It's eerie how good they are at it.

Robbie and Suzy ponder the meaning of the sign.

Zak with the obligatory birthday cake on his face.

Sofi displays her Girl Scout sash while Zak displays a new Bionicle creation.

Here is Sofi's Girl Scout Troup:  Madelaine, Irene, Molly, Sofi, Sammi, and Megan.

Grammy spent a few days in England in late September and early October.

While there she visited Cassidy, Paco, and Isabelle's cousin Olivia and her family.

Olivia likes to box with her dad.

Zak's class went to the Sonoma County Harvest Fair.

Sofi and Zak went to a pumpkin patch with Grandpa.

Later they went to Bodega Head, where it was very windy.  See the video.  

Look at what the wind did to Grandpa's hair.

Cassidy, Sandra, Eric, Isabelle, and Paco.

Grammy and Isabelle

Paco, Cassidy, and Isabelle

Paco in front of his house.

Isabelle exploring shelves.

Zak and Sofi with their bikes.  They can both ride on two wheels now.  See the video (about 3 megabytes)

Paco, Cassidy, Isabelle, and Eric visited us over Halloween weekend. See the video 

Eric, Isabelle, and Cassidy

Isabelle was fascinated with Sofi's real live rabbits.

Isabelle enjoyed the party atmosphere.

Sofi, Paco, and Zak in their costumes.

Irene, Sofi, and Amber, the three little witches (demons?), getting ready for their school's Halloween parade.

Zak marching in the parade.

Cassidy wears dark glasses and a mask when playing poker so that no one can tell when he is bluffing.

Cassidy playing a cornet.                                                                                          Isabelle found Cassidy's dark glasses.

Sandra reading to Isabelle.

Paco in his Sponge-Leopard outfit.

Isabelle likes to fold wash cloths.

You have just seen photos of 11-14-06

Photos from the past year or so.

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