These photos were taken in the last three months or four months, up to about 12-23-09.

Sofi and Nicole have been taking figure-skating lessons.
Grandpa, Sofi, and Zak have been going on walks in the neighborhood.         
John and Anya came for a visit.
From our garden
On Zak's birthday we had a paintball fight.
Edmundo and Sofi
Scenes of the paintball warriors
Sofi baked and decorated Zak's birthday cake.
Scenes of Zak's birthday party
Scenes of Sofi's birthday party
Catherine came for a visit.
On October 10 we all (except Cassidy) went to a pumpkin farm.  The two photos immediately above were taken by Isabelle.
Sofi and Zak's pumpkins
Justin and Zak at the Halloween Parade at their school
Isabelle's Halloween costume                                                                            Cassidy at the computer
Francisco and his trombone.  Would you like to see him in action?
Eric and Chai
Isabelle and Sofi
Edmundo on his birthday, and Zak.  Sofi baked the cake.
Zak doing the traditional opening of the champagne at Thanksgiving
Debbie, Sandra, Grammy, Isabelle, Cassidy.  Scenes from our Thanksgiving.
Cassidy enjoys playing cards
Grammy and Grandpa took all five grandkids to the movies.  The girls saw one movie and the guys saw another.
Isabelle and Sofi with giant bubbles.
The traditional Thanksgiving football game -- better than anything on TV
Francisco and Zak played laser tag.
Sofi and Isabelle did their nails.
Isabelle and Sofi dressed for the holidays -- California style.
Grammy visited her cousins Rosemary, Mark, and David.

You have just seen photos of 12-23-09

Photos from the past year or so.

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