Greetings From The Hudsons 2018

2018 was another good year for us.  Everyone is healthy and very busy.

We now have 3 grandchildren in college. Francisco is a sophomore at Occidental College and enjoying it thoroughly.  Zak is in his first year at Santa Rosa Junior College and is working part-time at Chick-Fil-A.  Sofi is spending the school year in Barcelona, studying at the Universitat de Barcelona (they spell things a little differently in Catalan Province).  She loved her semester there in 2017 so much that she couldn't stay away!  Isabelle is in 8th grade at Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley and is looking forward to goint to high school this coming fall.

We were very pleased in February when Cassidy's submarine, the USS Annapolis, was transferred to San Diego.  Eric, Sandra, and Isabelle invited us to join them for a few days in San Diego in April.  It was great to spend time with Cassidy.  We went to the zoo and to the art museum in Balboa Park, where we saw a statue made by Francisco Zuniga, Natasha's uncle.  Cassidy took those of us who felt limber on a tour of his submarine.

We also enjoyed seeing Jean Whalen and Beverly and Otis Renford, members of Judy's annual San Diego bridge visits.  On our way back to Santa Rosa we stopped in Pasadena to have lunch with Judy's cousins, Cindy and Alan Prochaska.

In June we celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary.  We spent a pleasant afternoon on our deck here in Santa Rosa.  In addition to our immediate family we were joined by Eva Masonek, Larry's cousin from San Francisco, and our good friends Debbie Masters and Johanna Bowen.

Larry and his old motorcycling buddy, Dave Flaherty, spent a week in Key West, one of their favorite places to vacation.  To see Larry's photos of the trip, go to Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation 2018.

Later in the summer, Judy spent a few days with Bonnie Bryant in Chicago.  They went to a play at the Steppenwolf Theater and spent a day at the wonderful Art Institute there.

Judy visited Santa Cruz twice during the summer, once with Larry, Sofi, and Isabelle, and once to spend a day at Santa Cruz Shakespeare with Debbie Masters and Johanna Bowen.

In October this year we couldn't forget the fires of 2017.  Sonoma County is recovering from the 2017 fires and it is good to see houses being built in the fire-struck areas.  This year in November during the horrendous wildfire in Butte County we had smoky air for two weeks, as did the rest of the Bay Area.  The southern California Woolsey fire took the house of one of Larry's cousins in Santa Monica.  We all wonder, is this how it is going to be?

We are looking forward to the holidays.  Zak and Francisco are going to Barcelona on December 21 for a visit with Sofi.  The three of them will return on December 30 and we will celebrate our family Christmas on January 1.

We hope that you have had an enjoyable year and wish you the best for the coming one!

Our 2018 family photo

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