Greetings From The Hudsons 2019

We had a very good year and everyone is healthy and happy.

 Our grandchildren are busy with school and other interests.  Sofi spent the spring semester at the University of Barcelona and returned to Santa Rosa in June.  She has taken the fall semester off and is working part-time at Macy’s.  She plans to take courses at Santa Rosa Junior College in the spring and return to the University of Barcelona in the fall of 2020. 

 Zak is enjoying courses in music production SRJC and at the local School of Rock.  In November he and his co-composer, Cole, held a concert at the School of Rock and we were surprised to learn that much of the music they have composed is rap.  Cole performed the rap and Zak sang other songs. See the concert at:  In May Zak’s group performed at the Twin Oaks Roadhouse in Penngrove.  See:  In September his group performed at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma.  See:

 Francisco is spending the fall semester in Prague at a film program specializing in screenwriting.  We look forward to hearing about his experiences there when he returns at Christmas.

Isabelle is now in high school and is enjoying it much more than middle school. She is also taking kick boxing.  Isabelle visited for a few days in June, and we got together with Sofi for a day at Scandia.  Bumper boats, miniature golf, and arcade games.  See:

 Cassidy visited us in September. It was interesting to learn more about what he does in the Navy.  He has one more year to serve and then he is planning to travel a bit before going back to school.

 Suzy and Sofi took a trip to Albuquerque in the early fall.  They visited friends and enjoyed the balloon festival there.

 Judy and her friend Johanna Bowen spent a day in Philadelphia in June visiting the Barnes Collection.  Judy went on to Chicago and visited Bonnie Bryant for a few days before returning home.  Later in the summer Judy joined Johanna and Debbie Masters for a weekend in Santa Cruz where they attended Shakespeare in the Park.

 Larry and his friend, Dave Flaherty, went to Reno in September to attend the air races.  To see Larry’s video of the trip, go to

 In October Judy and Larry went to Fresno to help celebrate her cousin Mark’s 84th birthday.  See:

 Judy continues to volunteer at Luther Burbank Home & Gardens from April through October.  She enjoys welcoming visitors to this lovely historic site. 

 This October we were evacuated in the middle of the night because of the Kinkaid fire. Fortunately Santa Rosa escaped damage, though there were power outages in some areas and lots of smoke for several days..  We were able to return after 2 nights away.  But power outages during high winds in dry weather are now considered the “new normal.”

 We are looking forward to the holidays with the whole family.

 We hope that you have had an enjoyable year and wish you the best for 2020!

 Our 2019 family photo