Greetings From The Hudsons 2020

 Let’s just say we’ve all been living in “interesting times.” 

 Schooling for our grandchildren has all been on-line except for Zak.  He had been going to our local community college -- the JC – but it closed down completely. 

 Francisco and Isabelle have made the best of the necessity for virtual learning.  Francisco is poised to begin his final semester at Occidental.  Isabelle continues her sophomore year in high school.

 Zak is working as a life-insurance salesman and is learning the business.  He plans to go to one of the Cal State Universities like Chico for a business degree when in-person classes reopen.

 Sofi is leaving on December 10 for London where she will study at the Cordon Bleu.  She loves to bake, and will take patisserie and boulangerie.  She will have to quarantine for 14 days after she gets there, but classes begin after that.

 Cassidy is back in Berkeley, having completed his hitch in the Navy.  He is looking for an engineering college where he can expand on the knowledge he gained in the Navy’s nuclear program, or perhaps a program in robotics.

 Judy and Larry have arranged their back yard so that family can come over and share a meal while observing social distancing.  The Erics have done the same with their back yard (if you’d like to see what one of these visits looks like, go to:  So we see each other from time to time.  Most recently we had an outdoor Thanksgiving meal together.  And when we can’t get together, we Zoom.

 Judy had a mild stroke in March, a left-hip replacement in April, and a right-hip replacement in July.  She is doing well.

 Larry has converted videos from old VHS tapes to digital and has posted them on YouTube.  For a list and URLs go to and click on the “Slides and Videos” link, then scroll down to near the bottom of the page for “Videos digitized from VHS tape in November 2020.”

 Everyone, stay safe and we’ll see you later.