Greetings From The Hudsons 2022

2022 was a good year.  We did a bit of travelling and we are enjoying life in California with fewer wildfires and power interruptions.

We took Sofi, Zak, Francisco, and Isabelle to Key West for a tropical vacation in April.  Parasailing, reef snorkeling, jet skiing, driving a golf cart on the streets (which is legal there), visiting interesting restaurants and can see a video of the trip in 4K at

Francisco went to the Cannes Film Festival to help his employer display films they had made.  He also visited Olivia and Floss in England and took a hovercraft to the Isle of Wight with them.

Sofi worked in San Francisco at an upscaale restaurant as a pastry chef and is still living there, but is now looking for something else.  Meanwhile she sells vintage clothing at weekend fairs and on Etsy.

Zak is taking Audio, English, and Spanish courses at the Community College and working part time at the Bohemian Grove, a high-end club in a redwood forest.

Isabelle is a senior at Berkeley High, taking AP classes, and looking at colleges.  In August she and Larry went to southern California to visit North Ridge and Irvine.

Cassidy is still working in Los Angles as a boiler safety inspector.  His dog, Nova, is a smart and well-mannered Shiba Inu.  Isabelle and Larry got together with Cassidy and Francisco during the college scouting trip.

Judy is retiring from 25 years of volunteer service at Luther Burbank.  She plays bridge and Mah Jongg with friends frequently.

Larry still edits photos and videos, and amazes himself at how much he is learning.  He also curates funny cat videos from the Internet and shares them with friends and family.

Everyone, stay safe and healthy.

 Our 2022 family photo