Greetings From the Hudsons 2023

2023 was a good year.  We didn't do any significant travel, and we welcomed the abundant rain which assures a lower risk of wildfires.

Judy and Sandra visited Johanna Bowen in Santa Cruz in March.  They had a good time.

Although Judy is retired from the gift shop at Luther Burbank, she bakes for open houses and decorates Christmas wreaths for sale.  She continues to play bridge and Mah Jongg with friends frequently.

Francisco is working as an aide for the NBC TV show, The Voice, in Burbank, and  produces independent films.

Cassidy continues to inspect boilers, but he now does it for an insurance company that covers commercial and industrial establishments.  His dog, Nova, continues to impress with her manners.

Sofi sells vintage clothing at weekend fairs in the Bay Area, and works part time for a doggy day-care center.  She is living in San Leandro.

Zak is taking more courses at the Community College, most recently in audio design, creative writing, history of western civilization, and Spanish.  He also worked full time at the Bohemian Grove for most of the year.

Isabelle is a freshman at the University of Oregon in Eugene, taking writing classes and women's studies.  She is planning to spend 6 months in Italy and Spain next year as part of a program of culinary and cultural studies.

Sandra and Eric retired this year and are doing a bit of travelling.  Some of the travel involves camping.

Suzy is working as a home health aide, and is currently recovering from successful foot surgery.

Larry still edits digital photos and videos and still disseminates funny cat videos to the family.  If you would like to see some of his digital creations on YouTube, go to:

Judy morphed from birth to 2023

Isabelle morphed from birth to high-school graduation in 2023

Francisco morphed from birth to age 23

Zak morphed from birth to age 22

Eric growing up

There is also a recent morph of Suzy growing up but it is not on YouTube.  If you would like to see it I can send you a version that is small enough to go by email.   We are at

Everyone, stay safe and healthy.

Here is our 2023 family holiday picture.