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For videos posted since mid-2008, try viewing in 720p or 1080p hi-def.

Trips to the snow
Our trip to the snow in January 2008
Our trip to the snow in December 2008
Our trip to the snow in December 2013
Sofi ice skating in Reno, December 2013

Family stuff
Home movies from the 1960's and '70's some with sound
1970 Camping Trip from Super8 film, some scenes with sound
Maine Oral History
Visits to Maine 1991 & 1993
Margaret Oral History
Eva Oral History
A Conversation About Recollections

Old camcorder videos:

June July August 1999
Late August to Mid October 1999
November 1999 to January 2000 (Julia Ester)
February 2000 to March 2000
April 20, 2000 to June 28, 2000
June 28, 2000 to September 10, 2000
September 1, 2000 to December 25, 2000
June 25, 2001 to November 1, 2001
March 28, 2001 to June 25, 2002
December 2001 to November 2002
November 28, 2002 toJuly 9, 2003
May 2004 to July 2004
July 2004 to November 2004

More Recent Videos
Disneyland for Isabelle 2009
Thanksgiving at our house 2009
We drove a tank 2010
Thanksgiving at our house 2010
Judy interviews Rosemary 2012
New Year's Eve at our house 2012

Sofi at Felton Acres 2012
Zak runs for a touchdown 2012
Zak wins 2 races 2013
Eric's Birthday Picnic 2014
Francisco's Guitar Recital 2015
Isabelle's Piano Recital 2015
Sofi's Team Wins a Badminton Game 2015
Camp Hudson 2015
Our Thanksgiving 2015
Our Christmas 2015
Isabelle's Fifth-Grade Graduation
Sofi's Ice-Skating Lesson 06-12-16
Scandia 06-25-16
Teenagers Doing Comic Racist Impressions 06-26-16
Laurel & Hardy, shotgun and pie
Zaks Driving Test 09-09-16
Sofi's Driving Test 10-03-16

Our creative efforts
Grin and Zap It a 1978 production originally on film
Scary Video, with Francisco, Cassidy, and Grandpa, 2004
Cassidy and Eric show what happens when the mice take over, 2006
The Pirate Zombies of Santa Rosa, 2008

Attack of the Campfire Song 2009
Slasher Movie, directed by Zak 2010
Chef Zacky and the Nuclear Sub 2010
Chef Zacky and the Easter Eggs 2010
Chef Zacky bakes funny lemon bars 2010
Sofi's collab video -- a study in time reversal 2012
Basketball -- a compilation of all of us over the years, 2012 (Grandpa especially likes the music)

School Trips
Sofi and Zak went to a book fair in 2007
Sofi's class went to Sacramento -- the State Capitol and the Train Museum 2009
Zak's class went on an overnight trip on the Pampanito (a WWII submarine) 2010
Zak's Class Sails on Hawaiian Chieftan in 2010
Zak's Class Visits Armstrong Woods in 2010
Zak's Class Visits Jack London State Park in 2010
Sofi and Zak's classes went to the Fort Miley Ropes Course in San Francisco in 2011

Dave and Larry's Excellent Vacations
Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation 2007 
(Dave is Larry's old motorcycling buddy)
Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation 2010  
Dave & Larry's Excellent Orlando Vacation 2011
Dave & Larry's Excellent Oshkosh Vacation 2012
Dave & Larry's Excellent Las Vegas Vacation 2013 
Dave & Larry at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas 2013
Dave & Larry's visit to Mount St Helens 2014
Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation 2015
Dave & Larry's Excellent New York State Vacation 2016

We went to England and France, June 24 to July 8, 2014.  
Photos on Photobucket.  The password is Grandpa (case sensitive, no punctuation)

Grandpa's photos of England and France

Isabelle's photos of England and France
Sofi's photos of England and France

Our trip to England and France 2014, the video on YouTube (no password necessary)

Our trip to Barcelona in October 2017

Barcelona, October 2017

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