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For videos posted since mid-2008, try viewing in 720p or 1080p hi-def.  A few are in 4K** or 2K.*

Trips to the snow
Our trip to the snow in January 2008
Our trip to the snow in December 2008
Our trip to the snow in December 2013
Sofi ice skating in Reno, December 2013

Family stuff
Camp Hudson 2006
Camp Hudson 2007
Camp Hudson 2008
Camp Hudson 2009
Camp Hudson 2010
Camp Hudson 2013
Camp Hudson 2015
Thanksgiving at our house 2009
We drove a tank 2010
Thanksgiving at our house 2010
Judy interviews Rosemary 2012
New Year's Eve at our house 2012
Sofi at Felton Acres 2012
Zak runs for a touchdown 2012
Zak wins 2 races 2013
Zak and friends play flag football 2018 4K

Our Thanksgiving 2015
Zak from Infant to 22 years old, morphed
Sofi from Infant to 22 years old, morphed
Francisco From Infant to 23 years old morphed 4K
Judy from infant to present, morphed 4K
1991 trip to Maine, California, with Rosemary, Tibor & Ardath, Judy, Larry, Eric, Victor
More 1991 trip, San Diego, Natasha & Eric, Suzy, Cindy, Matt, Rosemary, Judy, Larry
Memorial Picnic tilden Park, Isabelle, Francisco, Sofi, Zak, Mundo, Sandra, Eric, Grammy, Grandpa, etc.

Kienora and Zak's wedding 03-05-24

Lots of Family History
1939 to 1948 Home Movies of Judy:
1960's and 1970's Home Movies:
1963 to 1973 Home Movies:
1963 to 1976 Florida:
1964 to 1970 Home Movies, Syracuse & Canton:
1965 to 1976 Maine:
1965 to 1978 Roosevelt:
1968 to 1977 Roosevelt (different):
1970 Camping Trip Across USA:
1969 1970 Dodge wagon in new MSH Dec 1969, 1970 Canton, Suzy & Eric ride horses:
1971 to 1978 Pennsylvania:
1973 Camping Trip Across USA:
1970 to 1978 Canton:
1976 an audio interview with Amelia, Louis, Anne Bella Frankie, Johnny, and Polly, August 18, 1976
1978 Summer, Camping Trip, Dumpster, Baloon, Vampire:
1978 Summer, Grin And Zap It:
1978 Summer, Cross-USA Camping Trip:
1987 month unknown, Anne, Suzy, Eric, Judy, Larry:
1991 San Diego:
1991 Rosemary in Maine, Tibor & Ardath with J & L, Eric in Berkeley, San Diego, Victor:
1991 to 1993, Visits to Maine:
1994 month unknown, First Video of Cassidy, with Natasha, Eric, Lynn, Louie:
1994 March, Cassidy (infant) with Grammy, Natasha, Eric:
1995 May to April 1996, Cassidy with Natasha & Eric:
1995 October to April 1996, Cassidy with Natasha, Eric, Lynn & Louie:
1999 April to November from DV, Sofi, Zak:
2000 February to March, from DV, Sofi, Zak, Francisco:
2001 June to November, Video from DV:
2003 May, Sofi and Zak in Little Pool:
2003 May, Zak, Nikita, and Kendall at Nursery School:
2003 month unknown, Zak's Kindergarten Class sings:
2003 approx, Sofi Covered in Puppies:
2003 August, Zak's Birthday Party:with Cassidy, Francisco, Natasha, Eric:
2003 November, Zak's Kindergarten Play:
2004 January, Zak Builds a Bionicle:
2004 January, Sofi, Zak, Suzy, Edmundo, Go Ice Skating:
2004 February, Franciso's Gymnasium Birthday Party:
2004 February, Zak Builds a Bionicle:
2004 February, Francisco & Zak Throw Balls at Grandpa:
2004 February, Francisco, Zak, and Sofi go to Funky Monkey:
2004 Approx Francisco, Sofi, Zak, Grammy & Grandpa, in Doctor Wedgie:
2004 April, Sofi & Zak at Grammy and Grandpa's House, Bubbles & Mundo:
2004 May, Sofi & Zak Visit Suzy's Classroom:
2004 May, Zak as Peter Pan:
2004 June, Grandpa on a Harley:
2004 June, Grandpa, Sofi, Zak, Back Yard:
2004 June, Cassidy & Grandpa in Boat:
2004 June, Sofi Zak Francisco at Guernville Beach:
2004 June, Grandpa's Birthday, Cassidy, Francisco, Sofi, Zak, Natasha, Eric, Grammy, Suzy, Mundo:
2004 July, Disneyland Day 1:
2004 July, Motel and Pool at Disneyland:
2004 July, Sofi & Zak in Fluffy & Stinger:
2004 July Sofi & Zak in Pool:
2004 August, Sofi's Birthday Party:
2004 August, Visit to Tibor and Ardath:
2004 August, Spiderman in Back Yard:
2004 August, Cassidy, Grammy, Grandpa Go to Seattle:
2004 September, Natasha, Eric, Cassidy, Sofi, Zak, at the Suzy's Pool:
2004 September, Eric, Nasha, Francisco, Cassidy, Sofi, Zak, Labor Day Weekend:
2004 October, Hudson Video Productions, Short Stories:
2004 October, The Bouncy Rabbits:
2004 October, Zak's Class to Pumpkin Patch:
2004 October, Judy and Friends:
2004 October, Sofi's Class to Harvest Fair:
2004 November to Feb 2005, from Digital Camcorder:
2004 December, Eric & Cassidy Morph:
2005 February, Memorial Slide Show for Natasha:
2005 February, Francisco's Birthday:
2005 February, Sofi & Zak Roller Skating:
2005 February, Sofi & Zak at Gym from camcorder:
2005 February, Sofi & Zak at Gym from digital camera:
2005 March, Sofi's Class to Downtown Library:
2005 March, Caterpillars:
2005 May, Francisco to Isabelle Morph:
2005 June, Sofi & Zak Soccer:
2005 June, Zak T-Ball:
2005 July, Sofi & Zak in Jack And The Beanstalk:
2005 July, Universal & Cindy's & Rosemary:
2005 August, Cassidy's Trip to Southern California, The Slide Show:
2005 August, Cassidy's Trip to Southern California, The Video:
2005 August, Cassidy's Trip to Southern California, The Video (Universal and Rosy):
2005 August, Francisco Evan Amy, trip to Universal:
2005 August, Sofi & Zak in Alice:
2005 September, Sofi's Birthday Party:
2005 September, Zak's Birthday:
2005 October, Mark Ferris to Rosemary Morph:
2005 November, Sofi's Class to Discovery Center The Slide Show:
2005 November, Sofi's Class to Discovery Center The Video:
2005 November, Halloween Parade at Biella:
2005 December, Isabelle Goes Oh Oh:
2005 December, Isabelle Goes Oh Oh and Coos:
2005 December, Christmas at the Suzy's:
2006 January, Sofi & Zak Piano Recital:
2006 January, Isabelle's Birthday:
2006 February, Isabelle Crawling:
2006 February, Isabelle Says Hi:
2006 February, Isabelle's Visit:
2006 February, Isabelle Eats Pasta:
2006 February, Sofi's Class to Humane Society:
2006 February, Francisco, Sofi, & Zak to Petsmart:
2006 March, Sofi's Ballet Lesson:
2006 March, Sofi & Zak at Burger King Play Area:
2006 March, Francisco's Soccer Practice:
2006 March, Sofi's Class Visits Luther Burbank and Downtown Library:
2006 April, Isabelle Perambulating:
2006 April, A Librarian's Granddaughter (video taken by Grammy):
2006 April, Cassidy & Eric Do Mice:
2006 April, Zak's Class Play:
2006 June, Sofi & Zak in Splash Contest:
2006 August, Camp Hudson 2006 (first pie fight):
2006 August, Rafting On The American River:
2006 August, Sofi Gets Braces:
2006 August, Bumper Boats:
2006 September, Sofi & Zak Have Lunch Outdoors at Biella:
2006 September, Zak & Sofi Do Homework With Grandpa:
2006 September, Edmundo Gets Mugged at Kids' Birthday Party:
2006 September, Sofi Squeaks:
2006 October, Sofi & Zak Talk  About Restaurants at Burger King:
2006 October, Sofi, Zak, and Grandpa Play Basketball:
2006 October, Halloween Party:
2006 October, Windy Bodega:
2006 December, Christmas Gorilla:
2006 October, Zak's Halloween Party:
2007 January, Zak's Home Video:
2007 January, Sofi & Zak do Homework:
2007 February, Zak's New Bicycle:
2007 February to April, Sofi & Zak After School:
2007 February, Isabelle Sits On Cassidy:
2007 February, Cassidy and Francisco Birthday Party:
2007 February, Zak's Class Visits Humane Society:
2007 March, Zak's Class Visits the Downtown Library:
2007 March, Zak's Class Visits Luther Burbank:
2007 March, Grammy Dances After Knee Replacement:
2007 month unknown, Camp Hudson 2007:
2007 April, Sofi & Zak Clowning to Avoid Doing Homework:
2007 April, Sofi Plays Basketball:
2007 April, Sofi & Zak at Funky Monkey:
2007 April, Sofi's Class Visits Bird Rescue Center:
2007 April, Zak & Sofi, Easter Egg Hunt:
2007 April, Sofi's Girl Scout Troop:

2007 May, Memorial Picnic Tilden Park:
2007 May, Sofi & Zak Visit Biella Book Fair:
2007 May, Zak's Class Trip to San Francisco Zoo, Zak's Video:
2007 May, Athletic Day for Sofi, Zak, Suzy:
2007 May, Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation:
2007 June, Zak's Hammering Machine:
2007 June, Zak Builds Lego Electric Car:
2007 June: Sofi & Zak Beat Grammy and Grandpa at Monopoly:
2007 July, Zak's Video of Fireworks:
2007 July, Watermelon Whacking:
2007 August, Hawaii:
2007 August, Zak's Haircut, Zak Talks About Hawaii, Sofi Talks About Missing Lunch:
2007 September, Zak's Class to Kelly Wetland:
2007 October, Zak Wallball:
2007 October, Sofi's Class to Bouverie:
2007 November, Sofi & Zak Go Ice Skating:
2008 January, Our Trip to The Snow (slides):
2008 January, Sledding in Truckee:
2006 November, Sofi & Zak do Homework with Grandpa:
2008 March, Nicole & Sofi Under Potato Vine:
2008 April, Sofi & Nicole Rehearse for Talent Show:
2008 May, Talent Show at Biella:     (note:  at 21:09 see Sofi and Nicole
2008 May, Zak's Class to Bodega Lab and Florence Street in Sebastopol:
2008 May, Great Horn Spoon:
2008 June, Grammy & Grandpa's 50th Anniversary:
2008 July, Sofi, Zak, Nicole, Trade Punches:
2008 August, Camp Hudson 2008:
2008 month unknown, Sofi's Class to Point Reyes Lighthouse:
2008 September, Sandra & Eric Wedding:
2008 September, Trip to Bay Model (Sofi & Zak didn't go):
2008 October, Halloween Parade at Biella:
2008 November, Sofi's Class to Sonoma County Water Agency:
2008 November, Zak's Class to Bouverie:
2008 December, Christmas:
2008 December, Our Trip to The Snow:
2009 March, Sofi's Class to Sacramento:
2009 April, Sofi's Class to Spring Lake:
2009 April, Walkathon II:
2009 May, Sofi's Modern Dance Lesson:
2009 May, Fight Scene:
2009 June, Bob Tyler Versus Larry in Cork Popping:
2009 June, Sofi, Zak, Mundo, Chato, Fly a Plane:
2009 June, Disneyland For Isabelle (Sofi & Amy Dance):
2009 July, Walk Through of The Suzy's House at 1777 Burgundy:
2009 August, Camp Hudson 2009:
2009 September, Sofi's Eleventh Birthday Party:
2009 September, Zak's Paintball Birthday Party:
2009 September, Trip to Bay Model (Zak went):
2009 September, Sofi & Zak Ride Bikes to Park With Grandpa:
2009 September, Nicole & Sofi Learn to Skate Backwards:
2009 October, Zak, Sofi, Grandpa Create Horrible Halloween Pumpkins, taken by Sofi:
2009 October, Corn Maze, all except Cassidy:
2009 March, Attack of The Campfire Song:
2009 October, Zak's Class Volcano Project:
2009 November, Our Thanksgiving:
2009 December, Amber & Sofi Blow Bubble-Gum Bubbles, part taken by Sofi:
2009 December, Francisco on Trombone:      
2010 February, Zak's Class Sails On Hawaii Chieftan (photos & video by Edmundo):
2010 March, Zak's Class to Sacramento:
2010 March, Zak's Class on Pampanito (photos & videos by Zak):
2010 March, Chef Zacky Bake Funny Lemon Bars:
2010 April, Chef Zacky And The Nuclear Sub:
2010 April, Chef Zacky and the Easter Eggs:
2010 May, Zak's Class Visits Jack London State Park:
2010 June, Zak's Commercials:
2010 June, Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation:
2010 June, Slasher Movie (the Chef Zacky cast as you've never seen them):
2010 August, Camp  Hudson 2010 (drive a tank):
2010 October, Zak's Class to Armstrong Woods:
2011 June, Dave & Larry's Excellent Orlando Vacation:
2011 September, Fort Miley Ropes Course:
2010 November, Our Thanksgiving:
2012 April, Francisco in Odyssey:
2012 June, Grandpa's Birthday at Hooters:
2012 July, Oshkosh Air Show:
2012 August, Grandpa in Back Yard:
2012 September, Zak Runs For A Touchdown:
2012 November, Sofi at Felton Acres:
2012 November, Basketball For Zak:
2012 September, Rosemary Interviewed by Judy:
2013 April, Zak Wins Two Races:
2013 July, Dave & Larry's Excellent Las Vegas Vacation:
2012 December, Our New Year's Eve Celebration:
2013 December, Camp Hudson Winter Edition:
2013 December, Sofi Ice Skating in Reno:
2014 March, Sofi's Rendering of Shakespeare as a Mexican Soap Opera (all by Sofi):
2014 June, Celebrating Eric's Birthday at Tilden Park:
2014 June, England and France:
2015 March, Isabelle, Sandra, & Friends do Hula Hoop:
2015 March, Eric & Friends Jam, No Simple HIghway (taken by Grammy):
2015 March, Francisco Practices Guitar:
2015 March, Sofi puts in Plants:
2015 April, Sofi's Badminton Game:
2015 May, Francisco's Guitar Recital:
2015 June, Camp Hudson 2015:
2015 June, Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation:
2015 November, Our Thanksgiving:
2015 December, Our Christmas:
2016 March, Francisco's Play:
2016 May, Eva's Early Recollections:
2016 May, Eva's House, Conversation About Recollections:
2016 June, Scandia for Francisco, Isabelle, & Zak:
2016 June, Teenages Doing Racist Impressions:
2016 June, Sofi's Skating Lesson:
2016 June, Isabelle's Sixth-Grade Graduation:
2016 July, Francisco & Eric On Stage at Camp:
2016 August, Dave & Larry's Excellent New York State Vacation:
2016 September, Zak's Driving Test:
2016 October, Sofi's Driving Test:
2016 December, Francisco is Yoda:
2017 April, Isabelle's Piano Recital:
2017 May, Barbecue At The Erics:
2017 October, Barcelona:
2017 December, Wingardium Leviosa:
2017 December, Francisco's Driving Test:
2018 January, Just A Cat (We Miss Chai):
2018 February, Zak's Flag Football Game, 4K:
2018 February, Zak's Flag Football, stills only:
2018 April, Easter:
2018 April, Walk Thru of the House in San Diego:
2018 May, Cinco de Mayo at The Erics:
2018 June, Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation:
2018 September, Isabelle Plays With Squish:
2018 October, Our Halloween Door:
2018 November, Turkeys in front of the house:
2018 December, Zak's Piano Recital:
2018 December, Grammy & Grandpa Morph:
2019 February, Sofi's Christmas:
2019 March, Collection of Short Cassidy Videos:
2019 April, Celebration of Grammy's Birthday and Easter:
2019 May, Zak's Band Concert in Penngrove, Zak on Keyboard and Vocals:
2019 June, Sofi and Isabelle at Scandia:
2019 August, Zak's Band at Phoenix Theater (Zak on Keyboard and Vocals):
2019 September, Dave & Larry's Excellent Reno Vacation:
2019 October, Mark Ferris' Birthday:
2019 November, Zak and Cole Concert at School of Rock:
2019 December, Zak's Band, Zak Does Vocals and Keyboard (video by Mundo):
2020 February, Eric Morph From Infant to Adult:
2020 February, Larry to Cartoon Dino:
2020 February, Sofi Morph Toddler to Adult:
2020 February, Cassidy Morph Adult to Kid:
2020 February, Grammy Morph to Cat:
2020 April, Mundo Morph to Shrek:
2020 May, Erics in Santa Rosa, 4K:
2020 June, Back Yard at The Erics, 4K:
2020 November, Zak Morph From Infant to age 22:
2020 December, Female House Finch at Our Feeder:
2021 April, The Squirrel:
2021 August, Sofi Presents a Traditional English Tea:
2021 October, Suzy, Sofi, Zak, Grammy & Grandpa to London, 4K:
2021 October, Never Evers (Eric's band) plays Covidchella:
2021 November, Our Thanksgiving:
2021 December, Francisco Morph Infant to age 22, 4K:
2022 January, Larry's Life in Pictures:
2022 March, Dr. Paisley (Eric's band), 4K:
2022 October Albatross (Eric's band):
2022 April 2022, Key West with Francisco, Isabelle, Sofi, Zak, Judy, Larry, 4K:

Our creative efforts
The Great Horn Spoon, Sofi and friends 2008
Attack of the Campfire Song 2009
Slasher Movie, directed by Zak 2010
Chef Zacky and the Nuclear Sub 2010
Chef Zacky and the Easter Eggs 2010
Chef Zacky bakes funny lemon bars 2010
Sofi's collab video -- a study in time reversal 2012
Basketball -- a compilation of all of us over the years, 2012 (Grandpa especially likes the music)
Grin and Zap It, a 1978 production originally on film

School Trips
Sofi's class went to the Bouverie Preserve 2007
Zak's class went to the Kelly Wetland 2007
Zak's class went to Point Reyes National Seashore 20008
Zak's class went to the Bouverie Preserve 2008
Zak's class went to the Bodega Marine Lab
Sofi's class went to Point Reyes National Seashore 2009
Sofi's class went to the Bay Model 2008 (Sofi didn't go)
Zak's class went to the Bay Model 2009
Sofi's class went to the Sonoma County Water Agency 2008

Sofi's class went to Spring Lake 2009
Zak's class set sail on the Hawaiian Chieftain
Zak's class went on an overnight trip on the Pampanito (a WWII submarine) 2010
Sofi's class went to Sacramento -- the State Capitol and the Train Museum 2009
Zak class went to Sacramento -- the Train Museum and the State Capitol 20010
Sofi and Zak's classes went to the Fort Miley Ropes Course in San Francisco in 2011

Other School Activities
Halloween Parade at Biella 2008
Second Annual Walkathon at Biella, 2009
2008 Talent Show at Biella Elementary School

Dave and Larry's Excellent Vacations
Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation 2007 
(Dave is Larry's old motorcycling buddy)
Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation 2010  
Dave & Larry's Excellent Oshkosh Vacation 2012
Dave & Larry's Excellent Las Vegas Vacation 2013 

Dave & Larry at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas 2013
Dave & Larry's visit to Mount St Helens 2014
Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation 2015
Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation 2018
Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacation December 2021 in 4K
Dave & Larry's Excellent Key West Vacatdion Aprill 2023 in 4K

Our Big Trips
We went to England and France, June 24 to July 8, 2014.
We went to Barcelona in October 2017.
We went to London September 28 to October 7, 2021 in 4K.
We went to Key West April 2 to April 9, 2022 in 4K.

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